Monday, April 15, 2013

The Price of Being Disorganized.

These days I've been working really hard at bringing order to all areas of my life: spiritual, material, financial, academic and even social life.

This became necessary in order to separate responsibility from romance, thus ensuring that my passion is truly productive.

So far, it has been working so very good...until this afternoon.

Getting ready to leave the house, I place my metro card in the pocket of the jacket I was to wear.

I go ahead to secure lunch; for to be happy one needs to be healthy. I am making progress.

I check to see that my wallet is in place. Yes it is. I slide into my shoes and off I go.

My timing is near perfect. I had once quipped to a friend that I am never a minute early, nor a minute late. I love to be just on time.

I have since learned that to be on time is to be five minutes early. I still haven't imbibed that good habit.

Once in the metro, I reach out to the pocket of the jacket I was wearing, and to my amazement, there is no metro card there. It is then I realized that I left it at home, in the other jacket!

I am not happy. I thought I had had everything figured out, only to have to pay an additional $2 to get two tickets for the to and fro journey. $2 I could have invested in a packet of cold orange juice!

I must be better organized next time.


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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Bread of Joy

"The bread of Joy"
I was running out of time for an important assignment and a quick sharp feeling gripped me as it felt like there was going to be a reprimand afterwards. The last time I was late, my pay was deducted without a query. Every Dollar mattered in this part of the World.
Although with such focused pace, I still managed to peep into my favorite bakery to see if my #joy giving bread was still available on display. Lo and behold, it was!
The bread in question has a way of making a man forget his woes. I would have called it the 'Bread of life' but that title obviously is for none other than our Lord Jesus Christ. In view of the above, and since it is the season of Joy, permit me to call it the 'bread of Joy'. Although this particular bread is less than a year old in my neighborhood, it has been a source of joy to all of us - I mean a practical source of joy!
There are many similarities as well as differences between this bread of Joy and the Bread of life, but I will mention just one of each.
You can't eat the bread of Joy and keep quiet. You have to tell a friend! It spreads like wildfire. Just as you can't have eaten the Bread of life and keep it to yourself. Your brother needed to know!
While the Bread of life lasts forever and is limitless in supply, this bread of joy is limited in supply - only 17 loaves for my region. Yes 17! Which explains my excitement at having seen one on display today.
I walked into the shop - barged in actually - and brashly asked for a loaf of bread, for truly I was in a hurry!
"hey, you didn't even say hello!" She opined in Russian with a visible display of disappointment. I immediately stopped in my tracks.
All the ladies who work @ the bakery are very well known to me. Oh well, they have stopped posting men to that particular bakery I guess
My 'bread buying' sessions were not just a 'purchase and go' kind of activity, it was richer. I would ask how they do and as usual ask if they cannot order more 'Platenkas' for our region, for the bread was called 'platenka'. 17, I argued was too few a number!
I apologized for not saying hello, said hello, asked what they were up to, picked up the jewel cum 'bread of joy' and ran off to catch a train.
Well, I finished my business, made my way out of the building after watching the secretary lock the doors.
A few minutes later, I felt different. 'Why was I empty handed?' I asked myself.
I had forgotten the bread - the bread of joy!
*The writer indeed returned to pick up the bread. He returned home filled with #joy!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011



It's that time of the year when I am taking exams.
I have said that I will try to finish with all A's this semester. Other semesters I have been busy doing a lot of things that i hardly had time to read.

THis time however, I decided that its book or book...I have to face my books.

so far, so good. the exams are coming on well...

I have this one exam tomorrow that looks a little funny. the 5s i dont want to stop yet. gotta bag this one tomorrow too.

But then, don't just feel like reading. It's 1:51am and I've got to be in the hall in 7hrs and still have got like 30 more pages to read.

Oh God. Help me.

I believe all will be well...A little more perseverance, a little more patience staying up, a little more praying and the 5 will be in the zachetka.

I believe...

I'll stop by to post how it all went!

Enjoy friends!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Something Different 5.2 : The Inspiration for the Season

Oh well, you wonder if I want to inspire someone to do something today...It isn't exactly the motive but will be happy if that becomes the result....

I had dubbed the note 'The Inspiration for the season' having been inspired by someone's facebook status which goes thus: 'sometimes you just need an inspiration….’

I was inspired to pen down this note by the generous act of some May-Born persons who took it upon themselves to entertain well over 60 persons to some set of sumptuous meals and spirit-lifting picnic arrangement.

They had gathered time and garnered resources to prepare several hang-out accompaniments. People had the opportunity to forget the troubles of life and just have clean fun. Jokes were cracked, stories were told, friendships were re-knit and ultimately, people were inspired again to live the beautiful life.

Spring is a season for inspiration. It is a time when the flower beds begin to take their proper place in the society, when the trees wear a new look and passers-by take another turn to see the colour of your jeans or the style of your hair-do.

Let's make it a point of duty to do whatever little thing that will keep someone else inspired to do something. It might be starting a jogging club that inspires people to stay fit or organizing competitions that make people want to upgrade the knowledge or skill they possess or simply just to have fun.

Whatever good thing that makes you smile, someone was inspired to do it.
Let Spring not pass you by without you doing something to inspire another!

Sometimes, you might walk alone - for a while. You might not get the followership you expected or envisaged. Let that not maroon you. Know that someone out there benefited from your service.

Waiting for the next invitation to picnic :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do something 2.0 : "Simple"

Today on something different, I want to talk about life, its simplicity or lack thereof.

Back in the University of Nigeria, there was this student politician who was vying for the post of president of the Association of Pharmaceutical Students. It was a juicy position. Everyone wanted to be president. Three candidates, however, made it to the polls.

Although I was no pharmaceutical student, I was there to observe the election procedures and what I saw you will soon see.

Other aspirants had given their speeches, which were, as usual, saturated with promises they might not be able to keep. The third guy, however, surprised us as he came with a different style altogether. Something like this:

" I am Simple

I want to make the system simple

I will make sure I make the academic process simple

Graduation will be simple

No more stress with teachers and all that as my administration will make things simple"


As he gave his manifesto, the crowd cheered ‘simple’ to end every line. It was like Obama’s 'change', as I now think of it.

And that was how he won – by keeping his manifesto simple. I finally discovered that his nickname was Simple. What a simple guy!

Whether or not he made things simpler, I cannot say.

Now back to real life. Some persons preach that life is simple; others argue that life is complex with its twists and turns.

Dear reader, “how do you see life?” do u think it is simple, and thus we should lead simple lives? Or better still, could it be made simpler, and how? Or is it complex?

A Chinese quote goes thus:

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."

Feel free to post your opinions!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hardly will a someone teach you how to catch fish!

Hardly will a someone teach you how to catch fish!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Efficiency vs Effectiveness: A must read!

ok...I found this on the net...said to share it...U'll like it!


Thoughts on how to be better in our jobs and life!!!

John has been working in a company for two years. He is serious, hard-working, responsible and punctual. He is proud because in two years he has received no warnings or reprimands. One day, he looked for the manager to make him a complaint: Sir, I’ve been working in this company for two years. I like my job and work hard, but I feel I am not valued. Look, Rob started in a position like mine just 6month ago and he has been promoted to supervisor.

Manager: "Uhmmmmm" the manager thought and said: I would like your help in solving a problem. I would like to give some fruit to the employees at launch today. In the market, which is on the corner they sell fruit. Please, can you ask if they have orange?

John tried his best to do this task and 5 minutes later he returned...

Manager: Ok John, what did you ask?

John: Sir, they have orange to sell!!

Manager: and how much were they?

John: Ahhhh...I didn't ask

Manager: O.k. but did you see if they have enough oranges for everyone?

John: I didn't ask it sir

Manager: is there another fruit we can use instead of oranges?

John: I don't know sir, but I think...

Manager: Ok, please sit down for a moment.

SCENE II: The manager took the phone and called Rob. When Rob was in front of them, the manager gave to him the same instruction as he gave to John and 10min. later, Rob came back. When Rob was in front of the manager, he asked.

Manager: Ok Rob what news do you have for me?

Rob: Sir they have oranges, enough for everyone, but if you prefer they also have banana, papaya, melon and mango. The price of the orange is UGX 14.000/Kg. The banana is UGX 5.000 per bunch, mango is UGX 7.000/Kg. papaya and melon UGX 3.000/Kg. They told me if we buy 25% more will give us 8% discount. I reserved the oranges but if you prefer another fruit I have to go back to confirm the reservation.

Manager: Thank you Rob!!! But wait a moment please...

Scene III:

The manager looked at John who was waiting amazed and said to him: John, what were you talking to me about? Nothing sir, excuse me.

MORAL... It is important to do our jobs, with our best effort, (go the extra mile) even for the simplest activity; otherwise nobody will give us the most important jobs.

- Don't let EFFICENCY get in our heads, and in the way of EFFECTIVENESS. The little extra efforts always get noticed by our employer, our supervisors, our colleagues, and our customers.

- Every time that we use information correctly, we have the opportunity to personalise it.

Be like Rob, not like John. Don’t envy your colleague. Instead, get close to him/her, and learn from them. If you think that this MORAL can be useful... share it but most of all,INTERNALIZE IT!!!
Thank you.

Impossible is nothing

Impossible is nothing
A hand stand for the Lord